The First Thanksgiving 

I send #Thanksgiving greetings to all who share so generously of whatever they have with those who are in need. 

I believe, through personal experience, that this is one holiday that represents the true ethos and heart of what is America – a giving, sharing, celebrating, welcoming people at their core – who took this stranger into their home – yes, literally – thirty years ago, sat me (and my two graduate school roommates from India who had barely been here for eight weeks) at their family holiday table and poured so much love, affection and food(!) into us that it became the glue that cemented us to them and this country – all three of us are still here – now with families, careers and doing our small part to give back and share that same heart and ethos with others – yes, even strangers.

Thank you, Shirley and family of Blacksburg, VA. I still remember the prayer that hung on your kitchen wall that day and reflected your spirit of giving – “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want…”. You may have lived in small town America but your heart was as vast as the prairies on which the winds sing the songs of grace and gratitude…

I celebrate you, all of you and the spirit of thanksgiving today. May the thanks and the giving continue…




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