Healing America… 

Sharing with all of you  my thoughts as a non-partisan voter in the US Election – this had percolated through my heartbox, in bits and pieces, one stanza at a time, over the course of the day on the eve of the election… I let it brew some more, and now, after minimal editing, choosing to ‘set it free…’ / a poem, a prayer, a call for healing… and a bit long :)// 

Beyond the sea of red, white and blue

Beyond the fields of yellow and green 

Beyond the rising rhetoric and punditry

Lies hidden a divide that has rarely been seen

Have we become more or less like the enemy?

Full of the same hate that we denounce? 

Have we become better through the process?

Or is it mere platitudes of love we pronounce?

How and when shall we ALL heal from the pain?

The die has been cast, the mold has been set; 

So much strife in the name of choices cast

How many months till their insults we forget?

And after the casting and counting Is over

One eye shall exult, the other shall bear pain; 

But who shall really win and who shall lose? 

When from divisions deep, we choose not to refrain?

For life and liberty are great gifts given

And so is our celebrated freedom to choose;

But is there any reason for us to long rejoice?  

If in the process, our pure spirit we slowly lose?! 

So let me pause; pray for the heart to prevail 

We have no choice — it must, it must!

For the sake of the republic that we truly love

Lest it shall be damaged further, beyond all trust…

And perchance among all of the silenced voices

A new rhythm and harmony, shall for sure arise; 

Where love’s paintbrush melds all the colors together

Red and blue sing as one, ‘America’ reprise!

And the white that denotes the purest purity

Will again be remembered, for what it stands; 

Peace lilies will spring among fruited plains 

We shall heal one another – and humanity gains! 

– Kumud 



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