Letter from Mother Nature

What are these magical clouds, 

That the full moon often rides; 

What is this faintly scented mist, 

That trails her flowing strides…

If dusk would pause her falling, 

She would set the blossoms alight;

The robins would stop and stare

Till the dawn of tomorrow’s twilight..

She taught me to ask questions,

So many answers I never knew;

Her fingers combing my hair, 

Shooting stars streaking in skies blue..

Mother Nature waits with patience, 

For her to arise, spring us awake;

The brave shall ask forgiveness,  

Honor her gifts, admit their mistake..

The gentle breeze blows off the lake,

Migrating geese lifted into flight;

Baby bluejays are long fast asleep,

FullMoon vies with tall pines for height..

The gift that keeps on giving,

May we pay forward with grateful hands;

Hundreds of generations we can change,

In our actions, their future stands..

#spring #fullmoon #EarthDay


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