Letter from the Moon

The blossoms of spring claim​, 

They reach for me high; 

With nature’s designs, 

who am I to argue? 
At dusk I rose, 

drawing attention wide

upwards the robins looked, 

as homeward they flew;
Stare not yet, 

at my vista incomplete, 

I need to work all night 

With spring’s bold hue; 
The sunset this eve, 

lingered an extra while 

Choosing colors carefully, 

To match my silver and blue;
If only I could time it right, 

to rise and set in sync, 

Embrace my lover’s light 

And my favorite orange hue;
They break out in verse 

When they see me getting full; 

I’d love to someday read 

more poetry when new…

– Letter from an almost-full moon

by Kumud Ajmani #poetry #EarthDay 



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