On Love, Truth and Suffering

“The object of Buddha’s meditation and his teachings was to free humanity from sufferings…”

“But what was the path that he revealed to us? Was it some negative way of evading pain and seeking security against it? ”

“On the contrary, his path was the path of sacrifice—the utmost sacrifice of love.”

“The meaning of such sacrifice is to reach some ultimate truth, some positive ideal, which in its greatness can accept suffering and transmute it into the profound peace of self-renunciation.”

“True emancipation from suffering, which is the inalienable condition of the limited life of the self, can never be attained by fleeing from it, but rather by changing its value in the realm of truth—the truth of the higher life of love.”

“Love is the positive quality of the Infinite, and love’s sacrifice accordingly does not lead to emptiness, but to fulfillment, to Bodhi-hridaya, the heart of enlightenment.”

Winter in the Parkway

Excerpts From: Rabindranath Tagore. “Creative Unity.”


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