On Work and Love – Using the Heart

As I often do, I tend to take notes when I discover that I am reading something impactful. I am sharing some quotes from an essay by the leader of Sahaj Marg, Shri C Rajagopalachari, on Work and Love ~ I hope they are useful for your heart… Appreciate any feedback you may have. Thank you. ~ Kumud

If love is not the first priority in your life, then love will be work for you, and work never gives love.

One must love work, but work cannot produce love, not even the work of spiritual life.

People think that if they meditate, and do the cleaning, love will grow. It is like thinking, “if I go on pouring water on the ground, there will be a tree.”

But where is the seed? Who has to sow it? And which seed?

So this is your problem; you have to think over this. Where am I going to plant the seed? With what shall I water it? And what will happen to the tree when it comes up?

Let us love our work, our spirituality, our spouse, our children. Not the opposite. We work for love. Useless! We have children who must love us. It will not work.

Do you love your parents? If not, how will your children love you? How are you entitled to expect any love from your children? It is an ongoing tragedy…

If there is understanding, and agreement, there is hope for change. They say, “where there is Life there is hope”. I say, “where there is hope, there is Life!” Both are true.

Living a life without hope is as good as being dead.

Now to make that hope come alive – like a tree has fruit – unless you make spirituality the number one priority, you will always be talking of the heart, and liberation, and all these things like that.

It is of no use!

We don’t have to talk about the heart, in so many languages. We have to use our heart.

Perhaps we have lost contact with the heart so much that love is everywhere – in our head, our feet – but not in the heart. Which leads to all this tragedy of ‘broken hearts’.

Fortunately the heart cannot be broken. So what is being broken? Think it over. I assure you – the heart cannot be broken.

– P Rajagopalachari



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