Ten minutes of serenity…

The love of many lifetimes,
Can it be felt in days?
When we look at eternity,
Will we look past the haze?
In the Gurudwara I sat in silence,
Waiting for divine grace;
He told me I would find it,
In the service of every loving face…

It was a very short visit. Too short in fact. Less than fifteen minutes. But, from the day I landed in Delhi, I had felt this calling. To visit Bangla Sahib.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

So, on the last day of my stay in Delhi, in between visiting my cousin’s parents and Janpath shopping, navigating blockaded roads that were shutdown for ‘security’ reasons, I made my way to the venerated Gurudwara. I bought a white handkerchief to cover my head, for that is the custom among the Sikh shrines. We walked past all the construction in the entryways, deposited our shoes with the karsevaks and followed the sound of th sweet Gurbani to the inner sanctum.

Knowing that time was short, we, my Bhabhi and me, wordlessly agreed to sit for a few moments. As of on cue, a new shabad started at that precise moment, and I took in the divine energy like a thirsty man drinking from a waterfall.

The serenity and simplicity of a Gurudwara is difficult to put in words. For those used to the hustle and bustle of popular Hindu temples, it may come as a bit of culture shock. No offerings for the deities, no priests, no crowds…

But, having been here before, even though it was over two decades ago, the peace that it imparted to the spirit was unmistakably unchanged. And for those few minutes of stillness among the soothing Gurbani, the fountain of spiritual energy , I was grateful.

It was the recharge that I needed to overcome the dust, smog, noise and mayhem of the past six days in Delhi.

I had finally arrived home. Now, I could continue the rest of my trip with the faith and the knowing that I was meant to be here, in India, at this time.

CharaN chalo, charaN chalo, chalo marg Gobind,
Mite paap, mite paap, mite paap Japiye Harbind…

May we walk in the path of that Guru Gobind,
The utterance of whose name will give us true freedom…

Dateline: 19th December 2014


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