Patanjali Yoga by Swami Yogananda

Some thoughts on the metaphysics of Yoga. Text by Swami Yogananda. I often revert to these notes, and thought of sharing, in the hope that others may enjoy them too…

Yoga is the neutralisation of the alternating waves in consciousness – chitta vritti nirodha (1.2) – cessation of the modifications of the mind-stuff!

Chitta is a comprehensive term for the ‘thinking principle’ and includes the pranic life forces
manas mind or sense consciousness
ahamkara egoity
buddhi intuitive intelligence

vritti is literally ‘whirlpool’ – the waves of thought and emotion that ceaselessly arise and subside in our consciousness

nirodha means neutralisation, cessation, control

“Then the seer abides in his own nature or self” (1:3) – this refers to true Self, or soul. He attains self-realisation – oneness of his soul with God.

“The attainment of this goal of Yoga is preceded by shraddhA (devotion), virya (vital celibacy), smriti (memory), samadhi (the experience of God-union during meditation), prajna (discriminative intelligence).

It’s attainment is nearest to those possessing tivra-samvega, divine ardor – fervent devotion and striving for God, and extreme dispassion toward the world of the senses.

From these sutras we have the first six metaphysical soldiers, which stand in readiness to aid the Yogi’s battle for self-realisation.

From God Speaks to Arjuna, pp 70 by Parmahansa Yogananda, founder of Self Realization Fellowship


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